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73-56-3 YTD ~ 82-54-4 CBB Run ~ NBA 11-8-1 Run

Bad days happen and Saturday was one of those, full discloser. Despite that, 2020 is off to an AWESOME start as Matt is 73-56-3 in All Sports! After a SWEET 45-31-2 Rampage in College Hoops, he continues to DOMINATE this season as he is on a POTENT 82-54-4 Run! NBA is quietly heating up with an 11-7-1 Run as we take aim at all hoops at this point!

Fargo is 363-285 +$35,050 in the NHL over the last two plus seasons!

All of his plays are documented at Sports Watch Monitor and have been for years. He finished No. 3 in the World there in 2018 and with all sports in action, now is the time for a long-term subscription. Early Bird Baseball Package gets everything starting now through the World Series. Looking for a special subscription package? No problem. Email and we will take care of you. 

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Early Bird Baseball Package

All plays in all sports right through the World Series


2019-20 NBA Season Package

Every NBA Play right through the NBA Finals


2019-20 CBB Season Package

Every CBB Play right through the National Championship


2019-20 NHL Season Package

  NHL 354-277 +$34,450 L3Y. Every hockey play   


All Sports Weekly Package

Receive every play Matt releases for Seven Days


All Sports Monthly Package

Receive every play Matt releases for Thirty Days


All Sports Annual Package

Receive every play Matt releases for 365 Days


Fargo's 10* CBB Sunday Enforcer (82-54-4 L140)

Fargo expected a MONSTER 2019-20 season and he is not disappointing as he has ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED! Matt is on a FANTASTIC 82-54-4 Run on the college hardwood and there is little reason to slow down! The Winning continues on Sunday so grab his Signature Enforcer Report and roll with this favorite that Covers with EASE!


Fargo's CBB Sunday Ultimate Underdog (82-54-2 L140)

It has already been a historic season on the college hardwood for Fargo and his clients as he is on a FANTASTIC 82-54-4 Run and there in no slowing down! Included in this run is an AWESOME 45-31-2 Rampage! He is coming off a dreadful Saturday but bad days happen and the bounce back starts Sunday! This underdog COVERS with EASE!


Fargo's 10* NBA Sunday Enforcer (11-8-1 NBA Run)

The NBA is on a POTENT 11-8-1 Run as Fargo continues his quest for a big season! The NBA has been one of his favorite sports throughout the years and he adds to the profits on Sunday with a Signature Enforcer! Matt is ready for a MASSIVE 2020 that is full of profits so take full advantage of this Top Play which WINS GOING AWAY!