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  27-10 MLB/CFL/NFL Run ~ 24-7 MLB ~ 3 Winners Saturday

After a SWEET 24-7 Run, MLB has profited $23,875 since the start of last season and Fargo is ready to finish the season strong! Matt is a SICK 39-21-1 in the CFL since last season while going back, he is on a POWERFUL 48-25-1 (65%) L74 Run! Since the start of 2012, he is an UNREAL 119-82-1 (+$29,475)! After ANOTHER Winning season in 2018, Fargo is a SIZZLING +$44,766 in the NFL since 2012!

All of his plays are documented at Sports Watch Monitor and have been for years. He finished No. 3 in the World there in 2018 and with football approaching, now is the time for a long-term subscription. Early Bird Football Package gets everything starting now through the Super Bowl.

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Fargo's 10* MLB Saturday Sweet Spot (24-7 MLB Run)

Matt is on a HUGE MLB roll as he is on a SIZZLING 22-6 6 Run the last 20 days, and he is now on a SOLID 24-7 RAMPAGE! He has brought home +$23,875 in profits since last season and he is focused on a highly profitable final 2 months! After a SWEET 9-3 Eight-Day Run, he has a Top Play Sweet Spot that he expects to WIN GOING AWAY!


Fargo's 10* NFLX Game of the Week (2-1 NFL Preseason)

The NFL is back and the preseason is where MONEY IS TO BE MADE to build the regular season bankroll! Matt is releasing his Game of the Week on Saturday to extend his SOLID 2-1 start to the NFL Preseason! He has netted a POWERFUL +$45,866 in the NFL since 2012 and that is added to right here! His 10* NFL Top Play brings it home! All of the info is right here!


Fargo's 10* CFL Game of the Week (39-20-1 66% L2Y)

Matt is a SICK 39-20-1 in the CFL since last year while going back, he is on a SWEET 48-24-1 (67%) L73 Run! Since the start of 2012 he is an UNREAL 119-81-1 (+$30,575) and he is ready to keep it rolling north of the border! He closes Week 10 with his Game of the Week on Saturday that you cannot miss! Don't make a move without this info!