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3-0 Tue/Wed ~ NFL/CFB Top Plays Highlight Thursday Card

NFL +$34,292 Run going back to 2012! Week Seven gets started with a Top Play Star Attraction! +$5,023 CFB Run is extended with a Thursday High Roller! Matt is 279-204 +$37,810 in the NHL over the last two plus regular seasons! 56-43 MLB run and baseball has profited +$15,262 since the start of last season and we are looking forward to a HUGE Postseason! He is a SICK 45-24-1 in the CFL since last season while going back, he is on a POWERFUL 54-28-1 (65%) Run!

All of his plays are documented at Sports Watch Monitor and have been for years. He finished No. 3 in the World there in 2018 and with football approaching, now is the time for a long-term subscription. Early Bird Football Package gets everything starting now through the Super Bowl. Looking for a special subscription package? No problem. Email and we will take care of you. 

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Early Bird Basketball Package

All plays in all sports right through the NBA Finals


2019-20 NHL Season Package

  NHL 274-197 +$40,610 L2Y. Every hockey play right here  


All Sports Weekly Package

Receive every play Matt releases for Seven Days


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Receive every play Matt releases for Thirty Days


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Fargo's NFL Thursday Star Attraction (SWEET +$34,292 L7+ Years)

We have passed the quarter pole of the NFL season and Matt is gearing up for a MASSIVE finish! He has brought home +$34,292 in profits since 2012 and he is releasing a Top Play Star Attraction Thursday that is loaded with value! It was a miserable Week Six but we get some of it back so do not miss this play that WINS WITH EASE!


Fargo's 10* CFB Thursday High Roller (+$5,023 CFB Run)

The CFB season is at the midway point and Matt is expecting a MASSIVE second half in College Football and it continues on Thursday night with a Top Play High Roller! Matt has profited +$5,023 in CFB since 2013 and he has uncovered a great opportunity to cash! This is a big one so do not miss out on this High Roller Opportunity!


Fargo's 10* NHL Thursday Power Play (279-204 +$37,910 Run)

The NHL season is back and Fargo is ready for another profitable season! He is ready to get things rolling as usual and Thursday, he has isolated another great play that is bound for an easy winner! NHL has been off the charts the last few seasons as he is a SMOKING 279-204 (+$37,910) since 2017-18! NHL Power Play gets it done!


Fargo's NHL Thursday Breakaway (279-204 +$37,910 Run)

The NHL season is in full swing and Fargo is ready for another profitable season! He is coming off back-to-back Winners on the ice on Tuesday and Wednesday and going back, he is a SCORCHING 279-204 (+$37,910) since the start of 2017-18! He is back with a pair of winners on Thursday including this Breakaway that WINS GOING AWAY!


Fargo's 10* MLB Thursday Totals Dominator (56-44 MLB Run)

Fargo finished the MLB Regular Season with profitable returns while going a SIZZLING 54-43 the last 79 days and he is on a 56-44 RAMPAGE! He has won +$16,362 in MLB profits since last season and he is focused on a HUGE postseason! He is releasing a Top Play Totals Dominator Thursday in the ALCS that he expects to WIN WITH EASE!


Fargo's 10* CFB Friday Enforcer (+$5,023 CFB Run)

Matt is looking forward to another MASSIVE second half of the season as he looks to add to his +$5,023 Profitable Returns since 2013! He is releasing a MAMMOTH Play on Friday with a 10* CFB Signature Enforcer and this is a game you cannot miss! A solid situation in a great spot and Fargo is expecting this one to WIN GOING AWAY!